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Cambridge planter recommended for tourist areas

How Did We Help Long Beach, NY Recover From Hurricane Sandy?

The following letter was sent to the staff of New England Arbors by someone intimately involved in a post-Hurricane Sandy recovery… Read More

Dust off that tomato

We’re talking heirloom plants. An Heirloom plant is one that may have been commonly grown in the past, but is… Read More

These facts are Bananas!

In researching composting heavy hitters, there seemed to be not only a lot of uses, but a lot of interesting… Read More

How to find a pergola installer

How To Find an Installer for Your New England Arbor or Pergola: The beauty of our arbors and pergolas is that… Read More

The Three Sisters

It’s not Olga, Maria and Irina, or even the Kardashians, but the symbiotic partnership between corn, pole beans and squash…. Read More

Your kids will fight over these Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts have long been a ‘guaranteed leftover’ for many years – until now. Check out this mind-blowing Brussels sprouts… Read More

Dirt Fix

Dirt Fix There’s no reason you can’t garden anywhere – regardless of whether you live in a house with a… Read More

Nitrogen Fixing in Peas

During the second week of April and observing the last quarter of the lunar cycle, we planted some sugar snap… Read More

Magical New England – Morning

Yesterday my daughter turned 2 – or so it seems.  Today we are dropping her off as she starts her… Read More

Things you can Compost.

It is estimated that about 24% of your daily waste can be composted. Over the year this can equate to… Read More

hand holding dirt

The Ebb and Flow of Composting

One of the most fascinating things in gardening is the composting action. The way that Nature will naturally convert common… Read More

Meet Paul Smith, Organic Farmer Extraordinaire

Meet Paul & Jan Smith – Organic Farmers Extraordinaire. A few weeks ago I read an article about how a… Read More

hand holding dirt

Our Keyhole Garden – Update August

In only a few weeks, we have found that our Keyhole Garden is growing vegetables very quickly.  You can see… Read More

Our Keyhole Garden – Part 4 – Assembly Photos

Our Keyhole Garden – Part 4 – Assembly Photos Here’s a collection of all of our miscellaneous photos when assembling… Read More

Our Keyhole Garden – Part 3 – Composting

Our Keyhole Garden – Part 3 – Composting Part 3 is the fun part.  Here’s where you can add all… Read More

Our Keyhole Garden – Part 2 – Layering

July 24, 2014 Our Keyhole Garden – Part 2 – Layering The beauty of the Keyhole Garden is that common… Read More

Our Keyhole Garden – Part 1 – Assembly

July 24, 2014 Our Keyhole Garden – Part 1 – Assembly. The first stage in creating our Keyhole Garden is… Read More

Our Keyhole Garden – Introduction

Our Keyhole Garden Project – Introduction. Many decades ago, missionaries in Africa in partnership with local native communities came up… Read More

Weekend Project: Plant a garden in a Raised Bed!

Last year 32 Million Americans grew a home vegetable garden,  and if garden trends are any indication that number will… Read More

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

  London Arbor Sure our products would be just as attractive, durable and stylish with any name, but the best… Read More