Cover Upload

How to Upload your Cover Photo

  1. Click the upload button to select a photo to upload from your computer
  2. Once the image appears, use your mouse to best position your cover image
  3. Happy with how your “cover” looks? Click the at the bottom of the cover
  4. Add in your name and the name of your New England Arbors product, click ok.
  5. Click on the  again to save the image and send it to us to approve!
  6. Once your image is approved, go to My Covers under the My New England in the top menu to see it and share it!
Disclaimer: By uploading an image, I understand that there is no actual magazine and that I am uploading my image for the purposes of enjoyment and sharing only. I agree that by uploading my image, I have given New England Arbors the right to use my image as they see fit with no compensation to me. I also agree that I own the copyright to the image I have uploaded.

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