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  • How well will a New England Arbor stand up in the wind?

    Our products are designed to withstand normal wind load. The amount is also dependent on the installation of the posts: If installed according to instructions your arbor will easily withstand normal wind load, and if posts are cemented into the ground, withstand an extreme wind load.

  • How strong are New England Arbors Products?

    All materials expand and contract with hot and cold temperatures. But impact modifiers in our product act as an added safety measure, adding flexibility to our vinyl so that it'll give instead of crack or splinter like wood- unless subjected to extreme direct impact (ie: large vehicle). Our products are designed to operate under normal home conditions, and will only crack under extreme or unusual circumstances. Spokes, trellis and arches can easily be replaced if damaged. Please see our warranty that offers you complete coverage.

  • Will New England Arbors Products turn yellow?

    Yellowing in plastic products is due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Our products contain an industry leading 8 to 10 parts per million of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is an extremely effective UV inhibitor. This amount of TiO2 is more than enough to prevent breakdown and yellowing from the sun's ultraviolet rays.


  • Can New England Arbors Products can be painted?

    Our products are designed to look like they're always freshly painted, so the only reason to paint them would be to change color. Epoxy-based paint is the only paint that will adhere properly to a plastic surface, but it also damages the surface and therefore voids our warranty, so we don't recommend it.

  • How can New England Arbors Products be cleaned?

    Our products are designed to be maintenance free, and usually only require the occasional rinse with a garden hose. But if a more serious cleaning is necessary due to extremely dirty atmospheric conditions, a soft bristled brush with detergent or even a mild bleach solution in conjunction with a light power washer will do the trick. Cleaning products should always be tested on a hidden section of your product before using on exposed areas.

  • My pergola/arbor is leaking brown water? Is it rusting? Is the dye coming out? What is it?

    If you set up an arbor or pergola and you notice coloured water dripping/leaking from it, it is not coming from the structure itself. The moisture is probably coming from the pressure-treated wood that you placed inside the structure. Sometimes the wood has not dried completely from the process of being pressure treated and it will continue to leak until it is totally dried out.


  • Are New England Arbors Products are environmentally safe?

    Our vinyl is safe and non-toxic. It doesn't contain lead or require the heavy metals and dangerous chemicals needed to treat and maintain wood. There aren't any chemicals used that might contaminate your yard, and our vinyl doesn't break down when exposed to soil, groundwater or the elements.

  • What is our product made from?

    Our product is made from BPA-free Food-Grade uPVC. uPVC is widely used in household applications such as plumbing pipe. This is the perfect material to use for safety, durability and longevity.


  • Do you know how a New England Arbor is installed into the ground?

    You can use pressure treated lumber cemented into the ground and sleeved up the posts of your arbor, or use the short EZ mount posts. In high wind areas or for use in conjunction with a gate we recommend at least 36” of pressure treated lumber be installed into the ground and cemented and sleeved up the arbor posts.

  • Do you know how easy it is to install a New England arbor?

    Each of our products comes with illustrated and easy to follow instructions. Included with each of our products illustrated on this website is an assembly and installation difficulty rating which will help you determine the length of time necessary for proper installation. Also included is the actual instructions for you to preview prior to purchasing the product.


  • Do you know that plant & vine growth is ideal on New England Arbors?

    Because our product does not need to periodically be painted (like wood) it provides the ultimate backdrop to landscape vertically. Typically the plants used on arbors and trellises fall into one of two categories: vines and climbers or rambler roses. Within these groups there are many beautiful and interesting possibilities. But for success, choose a plant that is compatible with the style and physical characteristics of the structure, as well as the growing conditions that exist at the site of the structure.

  • Do you know what the New England Arbors warranty covers & includes?

    Please follow this link to view the actual warranty that comes with every product shipped.

  • Do you know why New England Arbors come in two boxes instead of one?

    We ship all of our products via FEDEX. And because of weight and size requirements it’s necessary to break our products down into multiple boxes. If one box arrives at your doorstep a day earlier than the next one(s), please don’t be alarmed - the other one(s) are on the way.

  • Do you know how heavy New England Arbors are?

    Most arbors weigh between 70 and 130 lbs and come in knock down kit form in several boxes so they can be shipped right to your door if necessary via a retailer.

  • Did you know how easy New England Arbors makes it to get replacement parts?

    Damaged pieces and parts can easily be replaced. We carry a full inventory of spare parts that can quickly be sent to you. Please call our customer service dept at 800-282-9346 to get a replacement part and freight cost.

  • Do you know how easy we make it if your boxes arrive damaged?

    A simple call to our customer service department at 800-282-9346 is all it will take to ensure you get a missing or damaged part replaced quickly and efficiently. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

  • Do you know how New England Arbors are delivered?

    All of our products are delivered in heavy duty double wall cardboard boxes.

  • Did you know over time New England Arbors are really less expensive than wood?

    Initially, our products cost a little more than wood (unless you're buying premium wood, then they're about on par). But you'll never need to invest any more time or money into them because they come with our 20 Year Warranty. Wood, on the other hand, will need to be maintained for the rest of its lifespan, whether painting, staining, repairing or replacing. And with wood's cost increasing while its quality decreases (most of it's young growth lumber), our vinyl arbors have never been a more attractive purchase.


  • What is Titanium Dioxide?

    Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a chemical additive that acts as a bleaching agent and sunscreen for our products. New England arbor products contain 8 to 10 parts per million of TiO2. Because our vinyl is manufactured using coextrusion, the majority of TiO2 is concentrated on the outer layer where it is exposed to the sun. This ingredient is critical to the long-term weatherability of our products.

  • What is co-extrusion?

    Coextrusion is the manufacturing process that New England Arbors uses to molecularly bond the ingredients into two layers. These layers are fused through extreme heat and pressure and cannot be physically separated. Coextrusion allows New England Arbor Products to have the ability to control the placement of the majority of the UV inhibitor TiO2 to the outside where it is exposed to the sun. The product quality and color are true throughout.

  • What are impact modifiers?

    Impact modifiers are important ingredients for New England Arbors. We add just enough flexibility to our vinyl so that our products will flex under impact but not sag over a period of time or during the heat of the day.

  • What is Polyvinyl Chloride?

    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): PVC is the main component in the manufacturing process of New England Arbor products. There are many chemical forms of vinyl. Some formulations are flexible. Others are termed "rigid." New England Arbor vinyl is formulated out of this rigid dry-blend compound developed for high output extrusion. Our exclusive formula is blended for outdoor toughness and color hold.