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How to find a pergola installer

How To Find an Installer for Your New England Arbor or Pergola:

The beauty of our arbors and pergolas is that they are very DIY friendly, which means the average homeowner can install our vinyl pergolas or arbors with a bit of time and determination. However, we do have customers who want our pergolas but aren’t able to install it themselves due to time constraints or health issues. We don’t have a dedicated installer network per se, but we do have many customers who have found installers with relative ease in their local communities.

Who to Seek Out

Our customers have the most success having a landscape company, contractor, or general handyman install their New England Arbors. In our experience, anyone who is somewhat handy and can read instructions can figure out our vinyl pergolas and arbors installations with relative ease. If you rent your installer a gas post pounder, it will probably save a lot of time on labor. The labor savings should more than pay for your rental.

To find a local handyperson to install your new arbor or pergola, we suggest the following:

1. Ask friends and family for recommendations.
2. Appeal to your social networks for recommendations.
3. If you have a membership to Angie’s List, search for a handyperson in your area who has a high rating.
4. Other sides like Yelp or can be useful as well to find contractors.

When choosing a contractor, look for the following:

1. Good reviews and testimonials to ensure they are a reputable source.
2. Someone who has a valid license and insurance (when applicable).
3. Someone who enjoys DIY projects and trying something new.
4. Someone who returns your initial phone calls/inquiries promptly and professionally.

Please note that it may be difficult for a handyperson to quote a New England Pergola install with no experience. Many of our customers settle on an hourly rate. Most of our pergolas can be installed over 2 days by a talented contractor.  If you find a reputable and trustworthy person to install your pergola, they will more than likely be fair with their pricing.