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Magical New England – Morning

Yesterday my daughter turned 2 – or so it seems.  Today we are dropping her off as she starts her first year of university.  Time flies, and passes far too quickly.

University Drop-Off
University Drop-Off – Overloaded Vehicle

She will be attending SSU – Canada’s smallest university – located in St. Stephens, New Brunswick.  St. Stephens is quite literally a stone’s throw away from Calais, Maine.  You could swim across the river that splits the Canadian / US border in about 10 minutes.

My wife and I have never been to the east coast before, and thought that after dropping my daughter off, we’d take a few extra days and travel the coast.

After dropping off my daughter, and emptying a much too overloaded vehicle, a few hugs and tears we set off for New England to explore, relax and discover North America’s most delicious lobster.

Our first day of travel ended us in a small town called Castine, Maine where we had booked the Pentegoet Inn.  It was late at night when we arrived so we really couldn’t see the surroundings but we could tell we were close to the ocean by the faint scent of salt in the air.

The next morning was cool and foggy.  As an early riser, and poured a coffee and took a stroll to discover my first morning in Maine.

As I strolled down the steep road toward the bay I could here the mysterious sound of a harbor drawing me to the water’s edge.  At about 6:45 AM, the air was still thick and the seagulls call was muffled in the fog.  The streets were busy with cadets rushing to the local Marine Academy and ship docked in the harbor.  The scent of creosol became prevalent as I made my way to the wooden docks, and dozens of lobster traps of all colors were neatly stacked in rows wherever I looked.

This is Magical New England – and it’s everything I imagined on my first day…
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