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Meet Paul Smith, Organic Farmer Extraordinaire

Meet Paul & Jan Smith – Organic Farmers Extraordinaire.

A few weeks ago I read an article about how a local Organic farmer was helping adults with developmental disabilities find therapy in gardening.

Paul and Jan have a very unique 84 acre property in which they call a ‘Green Innovation Farm’.  They use a variety of methodologies and philosophies to accomplish this.  On their 84 acre farm includes buildings and structures for showcasing new sustainable processes, technology or innovation of agriculture, horticulture, land stewardshop and green energy practises.

They teach and share sustainable knowledge along with other educators promoting naturalization practises, principles and ethics of sustainability which are combined with environmental understanding and preservation of natural flora and fauna while integrating ecosystem practises.

After reading about them, I had to connect to see if we could help in any way.


The conversation with Paul went well, and I quickly learned how passionate he was with everything that they were trying to do.


We discussed a few future projects we had in mind, including our new Keyhole Garden project.  Paul was very familiar with the system and built a few very rudementary systems in the past using local materials.

Paul is currently testing our Keyhole Garden kit prototype offering advice for when the project comes into full production.

Below is a photo of the layout of his farm.

Smith Homestead Layout
Smith Homestead Layout