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Horticultural Therapy?

So what exactly is a “Horticultural Therapist”? When we first heard this title we were not sure, but as a… Read More

GUEST POST: Bee Gardening: A Colorful Way To Save The Planet

Scary. Beautiful. Intelligent. Bees can mean different things to different people. But there’s no denying that bees are a major… Read More

Meet Paul!

At our sister company, Vita Gardens, we are passionate about helping everyday people grow delicious, organic and sustainable vegetables right… Read More

The year of the LOUVER!

Some people say a pergola is just a pergola. While we agree a pergola has timeless design and functionality, we… Read More

Grow Vegetables Right in Your Apartment

The question we are always asking at Vita is how can we get fresh, organic, home grown vegetables into the… Read More

Look What We Can Achieve When We Work Together

One Tomato is a Sarnia-Lambton-based organization that partners with many organizations to encourage everyone to participate in a food secure… Read More

Giving Together

After raising an incredible $27,500 at our Annual Charity Garage back in September, we handed the proceeds over to our… Read More

Create A Winter Vegetable Garden –

Via Sad that the harvest season is over? Bring the fun of a vegetable garden inside your home with… Read More

14th Annual Charity Garage Sale!

This year we were once again excited for our 14th Annual Charity Garage Sale!  Where all our returned products are… Read More

Build a Library and Change a Town: Sanmen Youwei Library

As a global business we have the wonderful opportunity to regularly travel around the world. We are often impacted by… Read More

The Keyhole Garden

In the Spring of 2015, through our sister company, Vita Gardens, we launched what would later become one of our… Read More

Bring on the Summer

At New England Arbors HQ we move with the seasons. When the sun begins to disappear, things begin to slow… Read More

Our Annual Fundraiser

Everyday at New England Arbors we are shipping our products all across the world. While we are considered an international… Read More

How Did We Help Long Beach Recover From Hurricane Sandy?

The following letter was sent to the staff of New England Arbors by someone intimately involved in a post-Hurricane Sandy recovery… Read More