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Our Annual Fundraiser

Everyday at New England Arbors we are shipping our products all across the world. While we are considered an international company, we see ourselves first and foremost as a part of our local community. Sarnia is our home. It’s the place where we grew up and it’s where our business began and continues to flourish. This community has given us so much, that we have always made it a priority to try and give something back.

In 2006 one of our team-members experienced kidney failure and required immediate dialysis and a possible transplant. The whole family at New England Arbors wanted to rally around this co-worker. How could we raise money to support our friend through this tough time? We had noticed that as our business steadily expanded, naturally so had our returns. We saw this as a great opportunity. What if we sold off our returns at one “big sale” and used the proceeds for our colleagues treatments? That year the sale raised $2500 and we matched the proceeds to raise $5000 in total.

The sale has now grown from an idea to help out a colleague, into a big annual community fundraising event. Every year we have over 50 local volunteers, we invite local charities to set up stalls and we give all of the proceeds to local charities suggested by each of our employees. Our returned products are sold at 75% off, rigorously checked and are in full working order. Last year we had people lining up at 2am on the day of the sale and raised $33,000 to give back directly into the community. This has become an event the whole company and community eagerly anticipate each year and is something we continue to be very proud of.