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Our Keyhole Garden – Introduction

Our Keyhole Garden Project – Introduction.

Many decades ago, missionaries in Africa in partnership with local native communities came up with an ingenious way to grow crops in their specific environments.  Many of the local communities the missionaries were serving continually struggled with lack of rainfall – and as a result – poor soil conditions to grow their crops.

The Keyhole Garden was indeed an ingenious design which allowed a 2-in-1 compact garden bed that offered both a rich planting environnment and a composting system in one package.  The system required minimal water and provided rich composted material for the plants to thrive.

The local communities used readilly available items like stones, rocks, waste materials to create the walls of the garden bed.  

We wanted to create a Keyhole Garden kit that offered the same benefits, but provided a compact design to be used throughout Backyard America.

Enjoy the photos and the different phases / steps in creating out Keyhole Garden.


keyhole wide w Plants 1200