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Our Keyhole Garden – Part 3 – Composting

Our Keyhole Garden – Part 3 – Composting

Part 3 is the fun part.  Here’s where you can add all of your kitchen scraps (except dairy or meat) to your compost tunnel instead of your waste container.  This magical process creates nutrient rich soil for your new vegetables reducing waste that goes into the trash bin by up to 25%

We had saved about 30 lbs of spent grains from a recent beer making recipe, and this was the first to go into the compost tunnel.

spent grains closeup


Load up your compost tower with all of your vegetable scraps and that will fuel your garden.  

When watering the Keyhole Garden, we only need to water down the compost tunnel as it will push all of the nutrients into the soil.

Below is a final photo of our Keyhole Garden with some of our plants that we transplanted from our other planters.

We are also going to plant some seeds to see if we can grow some kale and spinace throughout the winter!

keyhole wide w Plants 1200