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Small Space (or Urban) Gardening

Urbanscape Planter 300pxEven without much space, you can still enjoy the delicious satisfaction of growing your own vegetables. Planters like the UrbanScape make it easy to create a vegetable garden in nearly any free space: a balcony, a patio or a deck.

What to grow?

The UrbanScape features growing holes for a hanging garden to grow below the large top planter. Any vining vegetable can be grown in a hanging garden. Tomatoes are the best known upside down vegetable and cherry tomatoes are the most manageable.

Peppers can also be grown easily upside down and any variety can be grown. Cucumbers are also an excellent choice, as well as beans and small eggplants. Not a vegetable, but certainly delicious – Strawberries can also be grown inverted.

The top planter of the UrbanScape is large enough to grow many other vegetables – Lettuce, Radishes, cabbage, zucchini, and herbs make excellent choices.