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The year of the LOUVER!

Some people say a pergola is just a pergola. While we agree a pergola has timeless design and functionality, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to enhance people’s backyard experience. We want our customers to eek out every hour of enjoyment over those far too fast moving summer months.  This is why we are introducing our louvered roof system to our Bristol, Preston and Aberdeen pergolas for 2019.

This ingeniously designed louver system enables you to block out as little or as much sun as you choose. Close the roof and have the shade on the hot summer days. Open the roof and let the light shine in on cloudy, colder days. Simply adjust the movable louvers to your satisfaction. Never let too little or too much sun dictate whether the good times keep rolling.

Remember these pergolas never need to be painted or stained…ever. Simply wash with a garden hose! They are guaranteed not to rot, crack, warp or turn yellow in the sun, for 20 years!

Pre-order our newest products for Spring 2019 delivery. Have a look at our new louvered pergolas for 2019 HERE

See the louvered system in action