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These facts are Bananas!

In researching composting heavy hitters, there seemed to be not only a lot of uses, but a lot of interesting facts about Bananas.

  • Botanically, Bananas are Berries
  • The vivid yellow colour consumers normally associate with supermarket bananas is caused by an artificial ripening process. Bananas can be ordered by the retailer “ungassed” (i.e. not treated with ethylene), and may show up at the supermarket fully green. Bananas that have not been gassed will never fully ripen before becoming rotten.
  • Individuals with a latex allergy may experience a reaction to bananas.
  • Ripe bananas were found to contain serotonin (popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness)  and dopamine (responsible for cognitive alertness.)


That’s not all. We found a great info-graphic about what to do with all those banana peels.