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Things you can Compost.

It is estimated that about 24% of your daily waste can be composted. Over the year this can equate to nearly 500 lbs of compostable material that you could ultimately use for your garden! In addition, composting reduces what goes to the landfill resulting in less greenhouse gasses.

When composting, try to alternate in layers of green and brown compostable materials.

Download our ‘Things you can Compost’ 1 page guide.

Green Compostable Materials - Nitrogen


  • vegetable clippings
  • grass clippings
  • coffee grinds and filters
  • green leaves
  • fruit peels and rinds (minimal citrus)
  • egg shells
  • tea bags / tea leaves
  • plant trimmings
  • apple cores
  • green twigs
  • lettuce
  • house plants
  • manure
  • seaweed

Brown Compostable Materials - carbon

  • cardboard
  • shredded paper / newspaper
  • brown leaves
  • twigs
  • corn cobs
  • sugar or Halloween candy
  • wine corks
  • wood ashes
  • oatmeal
  • cereal grains
  • spent grains from beer making
  • sawdust
  • torn up cotton clothing or burlap