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Weekend Project: Plant a garden in a Raised Bed!

Urbanscape Planter 300pxLast year 32 Million Americans grew a home vegetable garden,  and if garden trends are any indication that number will only increase. Not only do raised garden beds help to separate growing spaces from the surrounding landscape, they also add a finished look and architectural interest.

Benefits of Raised Garden Beds:

  • Can be filled with any type of soil, allowing you to grow healthy vegetables and plants without worrying about your indigenous soil type or making soil corrections.
  • Acts as a barrier for weeds, so you’ll spend less time weeding
  • Keeps soil from eroding or washing away
  • Prevents soil compaction and provides good drainage.
  • Enclosed Sides act as a barrier to pests like slugs & snails!
  • May allow Gardens to be planted earlier, because above ground soil is warmer.

We offer four raised garden beds in a variety of sizes and materials- competitively priced and with lengthy warranties. Our raised garden beds assemble in minutes and make it easy for you to turn your yard into a beautifully landscaped oasis in an afternoon!