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We’ve got something new…

You may have noticed we’ve revamped our site. We wanted a modern, simple (and more attractive!) way to communicate with our customers and this new site provides us with a few new ways that we hope you’ll find innovative and convenient.

On every page there is a little chat bubble in the lower right hand corner.  I often hesitated to use these in my own online shopping and research, but I can now assure you from experience that when you click to chat you’ll reach (just like when you call us) a real live person in our office, not a call center or data center.

You can also leave your feedback on our testimonials page, or read what other customers have had to say about their experience with New England Arbors.

Lastly, but especially not least, is a feature we’ve been planning for a few years – (Almost) realtime uploading and voting in our photo contest. Every year we give away three cash prizes for the best photos of customer installations featuring our products. It’s always been a big (but low-tech) deal for us, with hundreds of photos spread out in our offices and guests brought in to vote… We’ve always wanted a way to show off all of the great entries we receive and this year we finally have one! Visitors to our site can now upload their own images and also vote on everyone’s entries. (You can vote on each photo once, with 5 being the best) The top 50% will be uploaded to our facebook page for a vote-off to begin in November.

You can upload your photos, have a look at everyone’s great installation ideas and beautiful yards –  and cast your vote all right here