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What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet


London Arbor

Sure our products would be just as attractive, durable and stylish with any name, but the best things have a story behind them; and our product names are no exception. Our oldest line of products were named after cities in New England: Springfield, New Haven, Waterbury, Manchester, Fairfield, Sturbridge. Some of those products are still around and some have evolved into newer, updated versions of their old selves. When our line of smaller arbors was launched, it took a decidedly more cosmopolitan turn: Vienna, Monaco, Florence, London.

When our Pergolas were introduced with names like Venetian, Bellagio and Riviera, the relaxing, resort-like inspiration is clear, but there have been other names that seem like anomalies, but have meaning behind them, indeed, are tributes of sorts.
The Livingston Arbor is in honor of a vacation to Scotland, The Kensington Planter Box with Trellis a nod to Kensington Gardens; The Versailles Raised Garden Bed to the Garden of Versailles.
Versailles Raised Garden Bed
And in our new products for this year, there is another tribute: Our new modern, aesthetic composite raised planter has been named in a nod to a group of modern aesthetes – The Bloomsbury Group.
We’re also working on adding a product that our customers have been clamoring for  –  a potting bench! Which will be called the Burbank Potting bench, after Luther Burbank, a botanist and horticulturalist who developed more than 800 varieties of plants!